Guy Archbold of Folsom, California

Guy Archbold

Guy Archbold, the visionary of Rackwsie Inc is the Chairman of the Board and has strived to make the company the industry leader in data center software for many years. Also the CEO Guy Archbold is the spokesperson for Rackwise and spends his time wisely as an industry leader.  He regularly conducts interviews with research analysts and gives his highly regarded and recepted expert analysis not only relating to Rackwise, Inc., but also for the DCIM industry as a whole.  Guy is well known as an expert in the field of green energy and has several papers published on this subject and others related to <a href=”; title=”dcim software”>data center infrastructure management</a>.

Guy Archbold serves many other corporate responsibilities, such as organizing Board meetings, helping with board development, assisting the CFO advancing the overall corporate vision and mission for Rackwise, Inc.

Mr. Archbold has a BA from California State University, has many course credits in management at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and Princeton University.

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